This is an option for clients who have completed our 90 day program and is designed as a perfectly formed stepping stone of social integration. Transitional housing offers a safe, substance free environment for slowly returning to the pressures of everyday life with the ongoing guidance of the Seasons Thailand team.

This offers a unique opportunity and a significant amount of freedom for clients to expand their recovery network and to explore options for their ongoing drug and alcohol free lives. The dynamic city of Chiang Mai provides an endless list of ways to engage in voluntary work, acquire new skills and awaken old interests long buried by addiction. Senior members of the household also have the opportunity to volunteer with members of the primary treatment community thus building invaluable self-esteem.

Transitional Housing delivers the chance for clients to really consolidate and take responsibility for practicing their new way of life. This part of the program offers the scope for immeasurable personal growth. It is well documented that those who complete this secondary care option hugely increase their ability deal with all the aspects of life that may threaten their recovery.

Included in the Transitional Housing Program


  • Private room with ensuite bathroom
  • Safe, drug free, supportive environment
  • On call Clinical Staff
  • Personal housekeeping staff
  • Staple groceries for breakfast and snacks
  • Wi-Fi
  • Urine drug screen monitoring
  • Medication management


  • Group sessions – Monday to Friday morning
  • Educational sessions (optional)
  • Personal Case Manager
  • One individual counselling session per week
  • 12 step meeting attendance

Alternative Therapy

  • Three yoga classes per week (optional)
  • Two fitness sessions per week (optional)
  • Clients are encouraged to find the options that work best for them
  • A menu of extra options is available all delivered by talented practitioners at extra charge