Why doesn’t Seasons Thailand display price?

Seasons Thailand does not display price because we frequently run special offers. Our Program is very affordable and provides a high level of expertise and care. Please call our Client Liaison team for full details. We are substantially cheaper than attending a program Australia, Europe or America.

When can I have visitors?

Visitors are allowed on Sundays with prior consent of the Clinical Team. Special arrangements can be made for Saturdays if visitors are travelling from overseas and Sunday does not suit. Clients staying longer than 30 days in treatment can apply for weekend leave to spend time with family members. This must be approved by the Clinical team.

What if I am really ill?

The Seasons Thailand medical team have extensive experience helping addicts and alcoholics through the process of withdrawal and can facilitate the majority of situations. We also have strong links with local hospitals that provide a Western standard of medical care. We also insist that all our clients purchase travel insurance before they arrive in case they fall ill unexpectedly.

Are all elements of the program compulsory?

Yes, all elements of the Primary Program are compulsory. Members of the group can be excused from certain activities for medical reasons. For the Transitional Housing and Outpatient Program there are certain aspects which are compulsory and some which are optional. 

When can I make phone calls?

‘Tech Time’ is given every Sunday. If there are matters that need a client’s attention at other times this is can be facilitated with the approval of the Clinical Team.

Can I use my computer?

Clients can use their computers during ‘Tech Time’ on a Sunday. We understand that sometimes clients need to use their computers at other times and they can with the Clinical Team’s approval.

What should I bring to rehab?

When you pack to come to Seasons Thailand you should include:

  • All prescribed medications with original labels attached
  • Several sets of clothes for working out
  • At least a week’s worth of casual clothes
  • Some warm clothes if you are coming during the winter season
  • Light waterproof jacket
  • Swimwear
  • Hat
  • Backpack for day trips
  • Toiletries
  • Walking shoes/running shoes/sandals or flip-flops
  • Sunglasses/Sun Screen/Insect Repellent
  • Spending money
  • Cigarettes if required
  • Lap top/tablet/ mobile phone

What shouldn’t I bring to rehab?

Illegal drugs, alcohol or any medication that you don’t have a prescription for. Any aftershave, perfume and mouthwash containing alcohol may be brought but will it be kept in the office and used under supervision. This is not just for your safety but the safety of other clients.

What medications will I be given?

This depends on the detox regime determined by our doctors. Great care is taken to make sure our clients are kept as comfortable as possible. For other medication (not detox) such as anti-depressants our team will liaise with your prescribing physician back home where necessary.

What if I come for 30 days and want to stay longer?

This is not a problem and happens regularly. Our onsite team will be able to help facilitate either extending visas or arranging flights so you can leave the country and return.