Addiction is often referred to, in professional treatment circles, as the family disease because it has such a weighty impact on the loved ones of the person suffering. Frequently, this is not acknowledged and this lack of acknowledgement damages the family dynamic even further.

Independent research, as well as that of The Seasons Hader Group, has shown that clients brought together with their families for residential treatment have vastly improved outcomes. Educating the whole family for a period of time is a hugely beneficial process for all concerned.

The Family Program at Seasons Thailand brings everyone together in rehab for a fully integrated week of treatment. This program runs for 5-7 days during the time the client is residence in our Primary Program. We understand the complex relationship between drugs/alcohol, the user and their family enabling us to offer a uniquely flexible range of services designed to help everyone involved.

The aim of this important week is to begin to heal the family dynamic and help clients and their loved ones move forward with newfound skills, knowledge and understanding. This is a deeply enriching, life changing process which can be emotionally challenging. Seasons Thailand can also assist in facilitating ongoing support if this is required.

Included in the Family Program


  • Private room with ensuite (or shared room with a partner)
  • Personal support staff
  • Personal housekeeping staff
  • In-house meals prepared by Seasons Chef
  • Airport transfers and VIP arrival service
  • All transport requirements in Thailand


  • Educational sessions – Monday to Friday
  • Group sessions – Monday to Friday
  • A Family Case Manager
  • One individual counselling session
  • One family counselling session
  • Structured exercises around communication and setting boundaries
  • Guided discussions that explore addiction, the family system and relationships

Alternative Therapy

  • Two fitness sessions
  • Three yoga classes
  • Leisure and recreational activities
  • A menu of extra options is available all delivered by talented practitioners at extra charge

Additional Support

At Seasons Thailand, we understand that it is not always possible for families and significant others to attend a week long commitment. However, that does not rule out Seasons Thailand’s ability to provide support.

For families visiting Thailand for a short time, we can offer counselling sessions with our therapist to learn more about alcoholism and addiction and how best to help. These sessions can be taken individually or as a family group and our expert staff can advise on what will be the most beneficial.

For family members based in or around Melbourne, Queensland or Bali we can facilitate a meeting with one of the family therapists at these locations. This will provide relatives with crucial information and skills about how to best look after themselves and effectively support their loved one.

We also offer Skype support to families whose loved ones are attending our programs. Furthermore, we can also provide a variety of printed and electronic educational resources as well as referrals to other resources around the world.