Our bespoke service offers individuals a high level of support, comfort and anonymity. Clients attending this program live at a private villa and are attended by our best staff. This is a perfect way to focus entirely on recovery with expert guidance and supervision.

Our team supports the client 24 hours a day and the schedule is entirely designed around the therapeutic needs of this individual. As with our other programs, we use proven techniques and therapies to treat the core of the client’s problem.

Overview of the One on One Recovery Program

This service includes sessions with our senior therapist and intensive one on one work with a dedicated case manager. Clients and staff design a schedule together and alternative therapies such as yoga, massage and meditation can be included as often as required.

Residents of the bespoke program can also choose from a large range of other services such as fitness training and luxury spa treatments. Time for relaxation and to take care of any necessary business matters is also integrated within the schedule.

How long is the Bespoke One on One Recovery Program?

Our Bespoke Program can be from 15 days to 90 days long. The length of the program depends on the needs of the individual concerned. Our staff can advise what will be the most effective.

A range of aftercare options and lower level ongoing support can also be provided. This could comprise of a sober buddy to accompany the resident home or regular Skype sessions with staff.

Included in the Seasons Thailand Bespoke One on One Recovery Program:


  • Private luxury villa
  • Full assessment including General Medical Assessment
  • Airport transfers and VIP arrival service
  • 24/7 support staff
  • Private chef
  • Private driver and transportation


  • Individual treatment plan
  • Personal therapist
  • Personal Case Manager
  • Educational sessions
  • 12 Step meeting attendance

Alternative Therapy

  • Personal trainer and yoga instructor
  • Massage
  • A menu of extra options delivered by talented practitioners at extra charge