Internationally Acclaimed Women’s Program.

Mental health and addiction specialists since 1997.

Our Vision

Seasons Thailand specialise in helping women suffering from substance dependence and associated psychological distress recover and live independent, fulfilling lives.

Why Seasons Women?

Our internationally acclaimed program has led the way in drug and alcohol addiction treatment since 1997. The first women’s rehab in Australia was opened by our team and we have brought this successful model of treatment to a more luxurious, international destination.

Within our idyllic, tropical centre, the Seasons team delivers a personalised service employing a variety of leading evidence based therapeutic practices. All elements of the Seasons Thailand centre are designed to create the perfect environment for the growth and change of the women in our care.

We treat mental health conditions and addiction concurrently, many rehabs fail to do this and this means the most effective results are not achieved. Our boutique environment specifically focuses on the difficulties that women face in recovering from addiction and dual diagnosis.

Recovery is about addressing the transformation of the whole person through a range of well-designed wellness activities. Our location in Thailand means we have many exciting opportunities for weekend recreation and relaxation.

We believe that although addiction and mental health conditions are potentially life threatening, learning to have fun is an important part of the recovery process.

Learn About Dual Diagnosis

The Seasons Solution – Our Model of Treatment

The Seasons model treats the problem of addiction from a holistic point of view. Different parts of the daily schedule address the physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual elements of each women’s problem. In tandem with this each client has their own bespoke program which is adapted to their unique needs.

The Seasons Hader Group – Australian Owned

The Hader Clinic in Melbourne, Australia is the flagship facility of the Seasons Hader Group and provides support, training and expertise to Seasons Women in Thailand and our other satellite rehabs around the world.

Originally established by Richard Smith as a response to the heroin crisis of the 1990’s the vision was to create a holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment using the best practice models available. This vision continues to this day and our team are always at the cutting edge of what is emerging in the world of addiction and recovery.

Experience and Excellence

Dr Louise Du Chesne is the Seasons Hader Head of Clinical Services and she has over 20 years’ experience working with women struggling with addiction. During this time she has worked with clients who have experienced traumatic events, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and major mental illnesses.

Boutique Addiction Treatment

Unlike many rehabs in Asia we can facilitate residential primary care, secondary care and outpatient care as well as a range of aftercare services. This means women have the choice of following through their entire treatment with the same group of professionals.

Our staff carefully guide and support clients from their very first contact through to their final exit plan and beyond into life outside the program.

  • Phone call/Email
  • Over the Phone Assessment
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flight to Thailand
  • Primary Program – 28, 60, 90 days
  • Family Program (optional)
  • Transitional Housing (optional)
  • Outpatient (optional)
  • Aftercare

Client Focused Proven Program for Women

Our holistic program of recovery is designed to be flexible and applicable to each women. Every day a balanced schedule of therapeutic activities is laid out as a formula for a new way of life. This includes group work, one on one counselling, educational sessions, yoga and exercise sessions. Our experienced team implement different modalities of therapy according to the needs of each resident. These feature practically applied CBT, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and 12 Step Facilitation Therapy.

Mental Health and Addiction Experts

Our residential program treats both mental illness and addiction in a cohesive and consistent manner to ensure maximum benefit to our clients. Unlike many other programs that focus solely on either mental illness or addiction, we understand the nature of dual diagnosis and treat both conditions simultaneously. The Seasons Hader team have a long history of successful outcomes for clients suffering from a complex variety of co-occurring disorders. This includes eating disorders, depression and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Highly Trained Staff

All the members of both the medical and clinical teams in Thailand are qualified and highly trained. Our director, program co-ordinator, therapist and case managers all work an active program of recovery themselves. This enables them to give the women in our care an incomparable level of support and understanding. They have experienced both the degradation of addiction and the benefits of recovery. Therefore our clients profit, not only from their formal qualifications but also from their varied life experience and passion for their vocation.

Stress-Free Admissions Procedure

Nobody comes to rehab because their lives are going well. This can be a time of confusion, heartache and torment. We understand this and our proficient Client Liaison team make the admissions procedure surprisingly simple. The only thing prospective clients or their families need to do is make that first contact. Client Liaison staff guide you through the rest. Our team frequently supports clients for months through the decision making process until flights are booked and our arrival team dispatched to the airport. Seasons Women can always facilitate immediate or emergency admission.