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Revolutionary recovery retreat for women in beautiful Chiang Mai

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This cutting edge addiction treatment program is the first of its kind in Asia. Seasons Thailand is a boutique environment for women seeking recovery from drug and alcohol dependency and dual diagnosis. We know, from experience, that gender specific rehab programs produce outstanding outcomes.

This is because women have a unique profile in the world of addiction and alcoholism and need different things to pave their journey to wellness. Our evidence based program in tropical Thailand, treats the mind, body and spirit of our clients. We also have an excellent co-occurring disorders aspect to this program which deals with mood disorders, depression and eating disorders.

The Seasons Women’s program offers effective, compassion focused drug and alcohol treatment through a holistic, multifaceted approach. This specialist service is located in the secluded, tropical beauty of Chiang Mai, which is far from the triggers of daily life. Here, our clients can focus entirely on recovery and being restored to health. Additionally, we only take a small number of clients at one time ensuring quality care and plentiful individual attention.

Our Top 6

Client Focused Benefits

Women Only

Seasons Women takes a personalised, holistic look at each woman’s history, symptoms, and obstacles to recovery. Each client participates in a custom-made treatment program that is uniquely her own. Our team listen carefully to our clients and seek their involvement about different elements of their therapy.

Private, Comfortable and Affordable

Total confidentiality is assured and is the very foundation of what we do. The centre in Chiang Mai was specially built as a rehab. It finished to contemporary Western standards of comfort and is located in peaceful, beautifully manicured grounds by the Ping River. Our program is affordable and effective. We provide top quality care in Thailand for a fraction of the price in Australia, the USA or the UK.

Highly Trained Staff

All of our passionate, qualified clinical staff are in recovery themselves providing not only tangible role models but a wealth of real life experience and understanding. There is no judgement here, only care and support. Our attending medical staff are highly experienced in withdrawal regimes and dual diagnosis.

One Team – One Recovery

Unlike many rehabs in Asia we offer a collection of services designed to be flexible for our clients. We offer residential primary care, secondary care and outpatient care as well as a range of aftercare options. This means clients have the choice of following through their entire treatment supported by the same group of professionals.

Our Family Program delivers a unique opportunity for women and their loved ones to share in the expertise of our addiction and mental health specialists. This is an inspirational, educational and emotional week long program which enriches each person involved. Participation of families in the treatment process vastly increases successful outcomes.

Australian Partnership

The Seasons Hader Group is an industry leader in addiction treatment and is recognised for its dedication to best practice and quality standards. Richard Smith, our founder and director, has been running his own successful residential treatment centre since 1997. The first women’s rehab in Australia was opened by our team in Melbourne.

What They’re Saying

“I really loved the staff at Seasons Thailand because I could relate to them. With their help and guidance I began to see how recovery could work in my life too and it really gave me so much hope. I loved the peaceful surroundings of the retreat and the meditation and the yoga. The Thai staff were fantastic too and the food was incredible, they really listened to our requests.”

Nicola28 day program, August 2017

“I am so grateful to Seasons staff who have worked with me each day on my recovery and helped me achieve more than I would have ever thought I would have in a life time. Today I am a happy person and it feels amazing. I‘m so excited for many more years of recovery and all the things that I can go and get done.”

Sarah90 day Program, August 2017

“I'm excited to be working at Seasons. The program we employ is the very philosophy that helped me with my own addiction. Not only is it a pleasure help others with this issue but I feel it is my duty to give back. It’s great to watch people at the lowest point in their lives grow and change. There is no job satisfaction like it! The team I work with are professional along with a true sense of camaraderie. This is crucial to bringing together a healthy and productive community.”

Daniel LeeSupport Staff, Seasons Thailand